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Private Sessions

PILATES WITH ANDREAS is a special gift to our immediate neighborhood and community provided freely to anyone inclined to  learn Classical Pilates

PILATES WITH ANDREAS only offers private sessions which are free to all students. These lessons are taught in a "loose-tight" manner, which means easy laughter combined with focused learning. This acts as the wind under the student's wings to fly from one weekly lesson to the next. 

All teaching sessions include exercises with descriptions and explanations of benefits, modifications as needed, hands-on demonstrations, verbal cues, positive reinforcements and encouragements, all augmented with free online observations of Pilates exercises or programs as presented by some of the very best Pilates Teachers. 

The reformer is an ideal instrument for low impact exercises, suitable for young and old. Movements on the reformer, executed with precision, build core stabilization, strength, flexibility, balance and proper alignment. Using mind-body control with breathing, the body's hidden energy and stamina are unlocked, resulting in a fluidity and economy of motion.


Mat - Level I II III

Matwork is the foundation of all Pilates programs. Its 34 exercises center on the body's core or trunk, which is seen as the powerhouse to mindful breathing,  spinal mobility, and muscular stability. Unlike the reformer which is equipped with springs and straps providing resistance and tension, the mat exercises use only the body's weight.

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