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About Andreas

Being 78 years old, I am keenly aware of the importance of body maintenance. Movement is everything - you either use it or lose it!

Fourteen years ago I was instrumental in building a hiking club which morphed into the Blue Mountain Hiking Club of Gainesville. I enjoyed hiking and backpacking with a most wonderful group of fellow hikers, but as my hiking began slowing down, I started rekindling my interest I had previously had in Pilates.

Inspired by reading all of the works of Joseph Pilates, I realized this could be of great benefit to me. With equipment personally designed by Pilates, the movement of where a student starts would be gently aided, and it would gradually strengthen and elongate the full array of muscles needed to keep me strong, stiff-free, and balanced. Perfect!

Next, I found the ideal teacher for me, and with that I quickly became a passionate Pilates enthusiast. After three years of regular private sessions and group classes I looked for a way to deepen my knowledge and skills about Pilates, and I came across the excellent Pilates Teacher Training Program by Balanced Body.

I am privileged to be taught and mentored by Nancy Sanchez, a Balanced Body Master Educator and attend regular Pilates Lessons at the Pilates Studio of Gainesville

I expect to complete the entire training program over the next two or three years during which time I am required to perform hundreds of Student Teaching Hours.

The Student Teaching Hours are available for free to people in my community. 

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