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Why I joined a Pilates Teacher Program

Aging is unavoidable, but for me slowing down the process is a must, and to do so gracefully the keys are attitude and gratitude.

Attitude contains optimism, looking forward and reaching for what is possible, while gratitude infuses perspective and balance.

With the one-time gift of life wrapped in one body, I feel that cherishing both is every individual's responsibility, akin to a sacred duty.

There are many ways and methods to achieve and maintain what is expressed in the Latin phrase “mens sana in corpore sano” or translated as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

From a young age my road to this state of being started with gymnastics and then included the joys of nature via swimming, skiing and hiking. Over time, these leanings have solidified into my becoming a passionate hiker and a strong Pilates enthusiast!

While hiking, both social and contemplative, comes naturally to me, Pilates at its core is a scientific discipline to build the body from the inside out, and this knowledge I do not have enough of, but I do have sufficient intuition, fascination, and determination to choose this road to manage and overcome the limitations of an octogenarian’s body.

My goals for joining a Pilates Teacher Program are

to learn more about my body and how to use it correctly,

to achieve a body that can move with ease,

to know for each exercise why I am doing it and its effects,

to keep control over my body, gain balance and confidence,

to attain quality over quantity of exercises, and

to feel alive, as though I were moving on wings.

To make these goals realistic they need to be quantified and measurable. I felt strongly that a Pilates Teacher Program will serve that purpose.

November 21, 2022.

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